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Spearheaded by the Blackout Art Society, the STAND Festival, encapsulating "Strength Through Art Network Diversity," emerged in 2021 amidst the pandemic's peak. Hosted every November in Vancouver, STAND is more than just a festival—it's a clarion call for unity and empowerment. Its mission is clear: to fast-track the artistic journeys of immigrant and refugee artists, providing them a platform to discover and amplify their voices, ensuring they resonate powerfully within the community. 

With the steadfast support of Presentation House Theatre, the festival's inaugural year focused on theatre and knowledge-sharing workshops. By 2022, its artistic spectrum broadened to include dance and music. In 2023, under the aegis of Blackout Art Society, STAND's footprint expanded, incorporating two additional venues in Vancouver. The STAND Festival stands as a beacon, illuminating the power of art and diversity and championing the voices of those often overshadowed, guiding them toward their artistic aspirations with unwavering support and solidarity.

For detailed information about the STAND Festival, please visit:

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