Zoning Out -performed in English- is the story of an Iranian single mother immigrating to Canada with her child. Aside from the challenges that any immigrant would face, the story gets a different direction when she finds out that her child is in the autism spectrum.

This project is still being developed, and the first phase was a 30-minute version followed by Q&A to receive audience feedback.Zoning Out is in association with the Presentation House Theatre. 

ZONING OUT(Development Phase)

Otolbiography is the story of a 35-year-old woman from childhood until now. All the scenes happen in different cars. This play has a sociological view on the last forty years of history in Iran and tries to depict the Impact of social events centring on family through humor. 


Through stories of six different characters, this play in an interactive way is trying to find out a way to show how to get less emotional damage when a relationship does not work.

Aside from the content of this play and interactive approach, when it comes to the form, the play is taking advantage of using giant climb-in balloons as a custom for the actors which leave the audience with an incomparable experience.


This is the story of a young couple during four years. Their relationship has started after Iran's green movement and turned into a different direction step by step. 


A documentary theatre about Masoumeh Ataei, an Iranian young woman who lost her eyes after her father in law burned her face with acid.

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