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Blackout: A Journey of Evolution & Inclusion

In 2012, Vancouver, BC, witnessed the inception of a unique theatrical force: Blackout Theatre. Initially emerging as an ad hoc theatre ensemble, we passionately set our sights on creating socially aware and pioneering theatre experiences that resonated deeply with the Persian community. With the invaluable contributions of local Persian artists, our first four years were marked by performances that echoed our cultural heritage and enlightened our audiences.

Taking a significant leap in 2017, Blackout Theatre transformed into a registered not-for-profit organization in British Columbia, Blackout Art Society. 

As we evolved, our vision broadened. While the essence of our Persian roots remains undeniably central to our identity, our aspirations extend beyond. We envision a theatre that bridges linguistic and cultural divides, producing enthralling pieces in both Persian and English. We aim to connect with a diverse audience spectrum and secure our place amongst government-funded theatre establishments.

Our Mission

At Blackout Art Society, we are dedicated to weaving a tapestry of narratives that entertain and enlighten. We strive to bring forth the hidden stories of our diverse community, exposing contemporary societal issues while celebrating the richness of our cultural diaspora. By integrating modern theatrical innovations with age-old Persian traditions and by providing a platform for immigrant voices, we aim to be a bridge of understanding, sparking dialogues that resonate across generations.

Core Values:

- Inclusivity: We believe in the power of diverse voices. By representing and championing artists from all walks of life, especially immigrants, we ensure a richer and more varied theatrical experience.

- Excellence: Our commitment to the craft means we continually strive for the highest quality in our productions, ensuring engaging and memorable experiences for our community.

- Education: Beyond entertainment, theatre is a tool for enlightenment. We commit to educating our audience about societal issues and the depth of our diverse culture.

- Community Engagement: We recognize the importance of our community. We foster a two-way relationship through open workshops, feedback sessions, and community nights, always listening and constantly evolving.

- Cultural Preservation: While we look forward to the future, we also respect past traditions. Our dedication to introducing Persian theatre to a broader audience ensures the stories of the old continue to find new hearts.

- Collaboration: We believe that unity breeds creativity. Through cultural exchanges, guest artist collaborations, and school programs, we enhance the richness of our theatrical offerings.

- Accessibility: Theatre is for everyone. Our initiatives, from multilingual subtitles to discounted tickets, ensure everyone has a seat at our shows.


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Soha Sanajou

Artistic Producer

Ashkan Kalali.JPG

Ashkan Kalali



Shideh Taleban

Public Relations

2022-04-18 22.23_edited.jpg

Yassaman Hosseini

Volunteer Coordinator


Amir N. Hosseini

Artistic Director


Anahid Flores

Digital Marketing Specialist

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