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STAND OUT is a collaborative production way to help immigrant and refugee theatre artists to create and present their new work.
In this way, Blackout brings together
a group of established theatre companies sharing their knowledge and resources to support immigrant and refugee artists to create and present their gigs.

You can apply if you:
• are an immigrant/refugee artist or a group of immigrants/refugee (Age is not considered)
• have producing experience 
• don't have access to a venue
• have a project to pitch
• need extra support and help to make your gig happen
• are looking to produce a full production of a show
• are entirely available for tech and performances between November 01 – December 30, 2022
• are willing to work generously and collaboratively
• can commit to ten meetings between March 01 – October 01, 2022, dates TBD.

Hands Up
Curtain Hug

Artists benefits

Artist benefits are individual to each project and may include:
• Ongoing mentoring and consultation with an established artist during the production
• Three weeks rehearsal space
• Full day of tech time in the venue
• A stand-alone performances in Presentation House Theatre’s venue (Dates TBD)
• Technical director and lighting designer 
• Live stream coverage if needed
• Box office ticketing support and Front-of-House staff 
• Basic Publicity 
• 100% of net Box Office revenues
• A secured spot for the show at STAND Festival 2022

How to Apply?

please use this link to upload a document that answers the following questions, with no more than 450 words per question.

• Who are you as an immigrant artist? 
• What have you done before this? 
• A brief overview of your production 
• Who is involved (your team)? 
• What do you anticipate in the budget, and your current funding plans? 
• What is your production timeline for the period of six month? 
• Why you and your project should be a part of STAND OUT?

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 01, 2022, at 5:00 pm PST.
We will select three applications to support and announce the result by March 15, 2022. 
Applicants are evaluated by the jury from Blackout, Presentation House Theatre, and established theatre artists.

If you still have question please email us at:

Mentors for the STAND OUT 2022

Blackout Art Society delighted to inform Rzgar Hama, Derek Chan and Edgardo Morenoas are our mentors for the STAND OUT 2022.

Selected Artists for the STAND OUT 2022

We have received diverse and impressive applications for the first edition of the STAND OUT programme. The selection was challenging, but we have narrowed it down to four artists for this year’s programme. The process was very tight and exceptionally close, so artists should not be discouraged if we could not include their work in this year’s programme.
We will soon be displaying more details about the development process for STAND OUT 2022.

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