When I was writing the director's note, I considered what message, idea, or question I'd like to leave the audience with? Why is it essential that we tell this story? 

I became involved with this project after making a documentary about an acid attack victim. The question started here, how can someone commit this level of violence? Then I realized abuse is not just a physical injury; it could be sexual, emotional, psychological, verbal, or financial. An abuser could be an educated person who uses threats and violence to gain power and control over their partner and take away their self-worth.

Domestic violence is one of the most prevalent, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today, yet it remains mainly unreported due to impunity, silence, stigma and the shame surrounding it. That's part of the issue, it mostly remains invisible. The idea behind this play is to find a way to show the invisible and, in doing so, share the devastating impact of trauma and domestic violence, in hopes of bringing awareness to the problem.

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About this show

"Echoes from Far Away Cities", is an 85-minute show about the story of a documentary filmmaker woman who gets involved with an acid attack victim as part of her project.

Please note that this topic is sensitive

and might be disturbing for some viewers.


This show is suitable for ages 17 and older.


This project is funded by:

- Canada Council for the Arts

- British Columbia Arts Council

- City of Vancouver

- North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission

- Vancouver Civic Theatres

- Presentation House Theatre

- Monex1 Currency Exchange


To find information about the domestic violence resources, please download the file below:

Director's note