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Originally slated as a live theatre show titled Made in Canada: an agricultural operetta, the work has evolved into an album featuring 10 songs composed by Mishelle Cuttler. Blending mariachi influences with lyrics sourced from the words of seasonal temporary foreign workers, news articles, and legal text surrounding the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, Made in Canada: an agricultural song cycle braids a musical journey that amplifies the narratives of the people who harvest our food and nourish us throughout the pandemic. You can find more info as well as the companion podcast at

Ray Alergria - Guitar & Vocal
Mark D’Angelo - Trumpet
Catherine Hiltz - Bass 
Molly Mackinnon - Violin
Barry Mirochnick - Drums & Percussion
Christine Quintana - Vocal
Manuela Sosa - Vocal

Creative Team:
Mishelle Cuttler - Composer / Musical Director
Pedro Chamale - Lyricist
Jamie Sweeney - Production Manager
Liam Hunt - Technical Director
Howard Dai - Producer

Derek Chan - Additional Artwork

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