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Event Description:

The theme of this concert is a Musical Travel in China to present the traditional Chinese music work from different regions or provinces in China. The repertoire we special select for this concert are representative from each region of China. Some music like Hongorei from Inner Mongolia, The Wandering Songstress is a popular tune from Shanghai region, Northern-east Lullaby is a folk song from Heilongjian, the most Northeast province of China. These music works are from North to South, west to east of China. Like a music map of China.

BC Chinese Music Ensemble wants to bring the local audiences into this map to listen to the sound, feel the motion, see the view and taste flavor in different parts of China through our performances which take place in Canada.

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About BC Chinese Ensemble :


(BCCME) is the professional subsidiary of the

BC Chinese Music Association (BCCMA), the largest and

most active Chinese music organization in North America.

The BCCME is unique in Canada as a large traditional

music ensemble capable of playing demanding

contemporary work alongside the classics of Chinese

traditional music. 

Formed in 2002, the BCCME’s mission is to present performances of the very best music by the finest Chinese professional composers and musicians. The BCCME performers are graduates from renowned music academies and experienced soloists and leaders of the top national and provincial orchestras and troupes in China and North America.

The ensemble is led by Maestro Peggy Hua. The concertmaster is a rotating position. Song Yun , internationally known virtuoso erhu performer.One of the many featured soloists is Qiu Xia He pipa master and leader of Silk Road Music, Jonathan Bernard of the Orchid Ensemble is the percussionist Composer Mark Armanini is the BCCME Producer and program co-ordinator. Many members of the BCCME have also performed many Canadian compositions in small ensembles such as Silk Road Music, Orchid Ensemble, Red Chamber Ensemble and the larger Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio Orchestra and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Major appearances include at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vancouver Folk Music Festival and many others across North America, Europe and Asia. Their performances and recordings have been broadcasted on CBC Radio and on National Public Radio (NPR) in the US.With imaginative new combinations of instrumental forces from the wide range of Chinese traditional instruments available through the many multi - instrumentalists in the ranks, BCCME aims to create new interpretations of traditional masterpieces and contemporary Chinese and Canadian compositions. The ensemble will nurture and present many new compositions from Canadian composers: Rui-shi Zhuo, Randy Raine Reusch/ Mei Han, John Oliver, George Gao, Jin Zhang, Mark Armanini, Owen Underhill, Dorothy Chang and Zhi-min Yu, alongside top Chinese composers Jing-xin Xu , Jian-ping Tang, Ning Wang and Wei-ja Guo. The coupling of contemporary and traditional works gives the ensemble a large and dynamic scope to it repertoire. This creative contemporary repertoire is unique in the Chinese musical world, both here and internationally.

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