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Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming STAND Festival Call-Out!


Hello, Remarkable Immigrant and Refugee Artists and Enthusiasts!

We are in the exciting stages of planning our next STAND festival, and we are particularly eager to have you participate! While we're still finalizing the details for our call for entries, we warmly invite you to stay on standby for the big announcement.

What to Expect:

  • Inclusive Environment: Our festival is dedicated to showcasing immigrant and refugee artists' unique talents and stories. We encourage participation from those with theatre, dance, music, and multimedia backgrounds.

  • Community and Networking: This is a beautiful opportunity to engage with a vibrant community of artists who share similar journeys and experiences. Connect with industry professionals who are eager to support and amplify your voice.

How to Stay Informed:

  1. Sign Up for Updates: Provide us with your email address to receive direct notifications about the festival call-out and other essential updates.

  2. Follow Us on Instagram: Stay connected with us on Instagram @stand.festival for real-time updates, teasers, and stories from fellow artists.

  3. Mark Your Calendar: While we don't have a set date yet, anticipate our call-out in early January. We're working hard to create an event celebrating and honouring your contributions.

We promise that the wait will be worth it! The upcoming STAND festival is shaping to be one of our most dynamic, diverse, and meaningful events yet. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning your journey in the arts, there will be a special place to shine.

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