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BLACKOUT ART SOCIETY shall take the following measures and actions to support this health and safety plan, and the policies and guidelines within it:

1. Provide Hand Sanitizer, Soap, Sanitizing Spray, Sanitizing Floor Cleaners, and Disposable Gloves.


2. High contact or potentially hazardous surfaces will be marked with yellow tape to draw attention to the need for sanitization and hand washing.


3. Signages detailing this policy, occupancy loads, worker assignments of washrooms, and best practices for hygiene will be posted to remind workers of policy and support compliance.


4. A complete copy of this safety plan will be posted in each space within the building.


5. Cleaning and sanitization supplies will be distributed throughout the building to each space.


6. No more than two Studio worker groups will be permitted per day. One hour will be allotted between bookings for non-offices spaces to avoid overlap of workers.


7. Disseminate / Communicate this plan to all workers through:


8. Email copy of this complete policy


9. Registering workers using an acknowledgement of reading and understanding of this policy, and attestation / agreement to comply.


10. On site guidance/training provided on the first day of use


11. Regular reminders of the policy, health guidelines, cleaning and hygiene practices


12. Provide printed copies of the policy


13. Online via the Blackout Art Society website


14. Should a confirmed or presumptive case of Covid-19 be connected to BAS all on-site work will be immediately cancelled until further notice, all workers will be notified. The workplace will remain empty for a period of at least three days, following which a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing of the premises will be completed prior to reopening.


15. Blackout Art Society cannot compel workers to follow these policies and assumes no liability if a worker falls ill.



Our policies are in place to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow our policies and public health best practices. We cannot guarantee that you will not become sick, nor do we take responsibility should you become sick. If you do develop symptoms within 14 days of your visit, you must notify us at If you see anything that concerns you during your visit, please let us know at
BY REGISTERING all attendees(users) agree and attest to comply with the following policy and guidelines from BAS:
Maintain Physical Distance – all users are required to maintain 2 meters distance from others who are not a part of their daily living household.
Use of Masks/ Face Shields – all users are required to use face masks or face shields when unable to maintain 2 meters distance from others.
Personal Hygiene and Sanitizing – all users are required to regularly wash or sanitize their hands before and after touching surfaces or using any facilities, including washrooms. Users are advised to avoid touching their face, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, head or other areas of their body where viral transmission is possible.
Assume Surfaces Are Infected with Covid-19 – Despite strong cleaning and sanitizing protocols, all users should assume all surfaces are infected with Covid-19 and act accordingly. Cleaning and sanitization supplied will be provided on site, and users are requested to use them.
Reporting Concerns and Potential Exposures – all users are required to report health concerns, hazards and potential exposures to Covid-19 to BAS immediately at
Leave Premises If Symptomatic – Should a user develop symptoms of Covid-19 during use, they will leave the premises immediately, and notify BAS immediately at Self-Isolation – in the event of known potential exposure to Covid-19, the appearance of any symptoms of Covid-19, or should a user be travelling outside of the Country of Canada prior to use, they must selfisolate for a period of 14 days prior to using any facilities and venues.
Stay Home When Feeling Ill – all users must stay home and/or offsite if they feel at all ill, sick, under the weather or otherwise unwell, and report that to BAS at Altered Traffic Patterns – to maintain physical distancing, all users will adhere to signage indicating traffic patterns inside the space.
Collection and Use of Registered Attendee Data Registered Attendee data is collected for purposes of contact tracing . It will only be shared to contact registered attendees if a case of Covid-19 occurs at the performing venue or at any BAS work site. It may be passed on to health authorities for contact tracing if requested. It will not be released to the public. Data will be kept for 360 days , after which it will be deleted.

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